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Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Same old thing, but good.

Like a few before me, it hardly took any time at all to get to Mars. Then, in free play with everything maxed, I launched as high as I could with rockets, went left, and let it go. I went across town to pick my truck up from the shop, when I came back, he was still going at 18k feet. So far the guy's been going for 52+ minutes. Not only that, he is still at pratically max fuel, so if he ever reaches Earth, I'm gonna see about riding the platforms back up and starting all over.

Super PSTW Action RPG Super PSTW Action RPG

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Super ARTW Action Review for Super PSTW Action RPG

I'll start with visuals. I must say, you are an amazing artis; one of the best I've seen. Beautiful colring, realistic expression, everything. That being said, it was sort of lagging and choppy during some of the cut-scenes. Especially with all of the special effects during the limit-break. I had to switch to low-quality just to grudgingly get past the attack sequence.

Your audio wasn't all that impressive. there was so much static in the mics for the voice actors, I decided to just turn it off the second time I came up to the arch-rival. The music selection was great, and set the mood wonderfully, but still, quality not so good.

Now, what really drew me in was the customization. I chose to play a typical beefed up flamethrower, because there were so many options I decided to just stick with what normally works in most action RPG's. Next play through I may go for the psychic/archer build, for that one really intrigued me, but chose not to for, like you said, they look to be a bit more advanced to play.

The controls were pretty straightforward, though I found one problem. Blocking never seemed to be very responsive. I came so close to dying so many times because when I hit block, it just wouldn't register. I just barely made it through the final boss since I couldn't block half the time.

My biggest problem with the game is the encounter rate is far too high with very little rest/save points or shops in between. It was so high, I spent all of my money on potions, and ended up using them all up before I made two steps outside of the village (exaggeration, but you get the idea).

Lastly, I just loved your story. It was so original with a twist you would never have expected. I congratulate you on your penmanship, and can't wait to see how you resolve that cliffhanger in the sequel (you are making a sequel, right? lol).

Overall rating - 4/5 and 8/10. Great job.

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Quatris Quatris

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Awesome tetris twist.

Music: Only the one song, which I thought was ok to listen to once, but definitely not more than that. More songs or a more interesting longer song. Or even if that song was much longer. If you get hooked on a game like this, you want the music/sounds to be just as pleasing in the second hour of gameplay.

Gameplay: I wanted to be able to hold the down arrow so it would drop down fast rather than having to keep tapping to move faster. In a way, this is also a bonus, because sometimes in the original I had accidently held down to long only to realise too late that I was in the wrong spot, so perhaps make this a toggable feature if you make another game.

Graphics: Very basic, but consistant and good quality for what was there. You can very easily add some background animations to set the mood, or if you later add a theme type of game. I have a picture in my mind where you add a Legend of Zelda song, with a little Link cartoon in the background and the colors of the tetris blocks are green and brown and whatever else fits with the zelda cartoon. You can do that with a lot of things, just to add a little pizzaz to the game.

Although, the graphics were reminiscent of the old Atari system, giving you that retro feel. Maybe expand upon that as another theme.

Features: Pretty much non-existant, aside from a mute button. Maybe adding speed options, difficulty settings where there are blocks already on the screen, the theme levels I mentioned earlier, all of these could make this so much better.

Most of you score comes from the originality, though it's hard to say a new version of Tetris is original since there are hundreds of different versions of Tetris, both official and fan made. I just happen to like your version more than some others.

Synopsis: More and better music, more visual features, more gameplay options.

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black fish 3 (eat) black fish 3 (eat)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


It wasnt anything amazing, but I was enjoying it as a small minigame, until I found out that hitting the sides killed you, and that was annoying. Otherwise, very fluid and consistent.

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Pirate Race Pirate Race

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Another tweak you might add!

When I started the game I was thinking of regular boats. If you row on the left side of the boat, you will turn right, row on right, you turn left. That confused me that you didn't include that, and it still messed me up a little in some occasions.

I would suggest if you retain the left goes left and the right does right, make it more along the lines of a steering game rather than a rowing game, and so that you can just hold the key to turn rather than keep pressing (unless retain the rowing aspect, then the constant key pressing is alright.)

Other than that, a semi-solid game that can be great by adding the tweaks below.

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Magic Pen Magic Pen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I would love to see a sequel game where you could make more elaborate shapes, because there are so many times i wanted to make a specific shape but it seemed like it was forced to be quadrangles or less.

Agree with everyone else on everything, though.